Hounslow escorts discuss how hard it is to have a night job and be a single mom

Being a mother is the most wonderful duty, obligation and gift that every woman deserves with. But along with this wonderful blessing there are things that you need to consider most especially sacrifice. Raring a child is not that so easy to do but if your love is always on priority things will be going light and easy to carry on. But how difficult it is if you are raring a child alone. Meaning a single parent like me. I’ve been a single mom for about 5 years already and I would say things were not that so easy for me. Aside from being a single parent I also need to work in order to compensate of my son. So I need to work and at the same time being a mother and father to my one and only son. First few years of being alone as a parent were so tough on me. I just can’t help my self-crying along the side from all the trials that I had to face along with my baby. At times when I don’t have money to buy him milk and diapers wherein I need to ask from other people to let me borrow money to buy the needs of my baby boy. When times he got sick and so weak that couldn’t even tell how he really feels inside and lose some appetite, those times really broke my heart that I even sometimes ask myself am I a good mother or am I deserving to have such an amazing son in my life. All those trials that I have were just faded out by time and with my determination to fight life for my son’s sake.

Before I became a single mom I was already connected with Hounslow escorts. I never stop working being an escort even if I have a son for the more I need to work harder in order to earn and provide that my son will survive in life. Being a Hounslow escorts meaning you are mostly working on night time. When others started to rest when the night time comes but with it is the start of my work.

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So I need to feed and prepare my son to go to sleep before the night begins to upper. If everything is ready with him that’s the time that I will get ready of myself for work and after that I will call my mom to be with my son every night and I will then go to my work and perform my duties and obligation as Hounslow escorts personality. I will arrive at home early morning I will see it that the foods of my son is ready and when he wakes up I will feed him and give him some bath. After he is okay and ready to play my neighbor will get in and look after him as I sleep and rest for another work as the night will upper. Before lunch time I will woke up to prepare food and feed him. After that I will let him sleep and so with me I’ll go back to work and my neighbor will then clean the house, wash the dishes and clothes and at exactly 5 o’clock I will get up together with my son and I will feed him and give him bath and prepare him to sleep at night. That is my daily routine but when times that my son is not feeling good I will not go to work and will stay at home to really look after him if he feels better or not.

But one thing that I really love my job is the fact that they understood me if I will be absent on my duty schedule. They even support me in terms of money in times that I really needed some assistance to buy medicine for my son. The helping hand that Hounslow escorts provide keeps me holding on to be a single mom. I never found my self quitting my job for I feel so blessed to have them for they have a lot of contribution while I am raring my son.